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Registered Nurse
Inova Women's Hospital

For Rhonda, being a nurse isn’t just a job; it’s a passion, stemming largely from a love for helping and taking care of people.

“I think my favorite part about being a nurse is knowing that the care I provide really does make a difference to someone else,” she says. “I consider myself very blessed to have a career that I look forward to going to every day and doing something that I really enjoy, while getting to work with the best people in the world who have become family.”

Rhonda, who has worked at Inova for more than 10 years, attributes part of her success in nursing to Inova’s role in her education, particularly the benefit of tuition reimbursement. “I’m very proud to say that this semester completes my BSN degree, and I plan on continuing classes toward my MSN,” she says. “There are so many opportunities that can be taken advantage of as an Inova nurse. Inova offers many classes to help advance our skills, obtain certifications and earn CEUs, and encourage everyone to expand their knowledge.”

As for being an Inova nurse, Rhonda wouldn’t have it any other way. “As a nurse, you build relationships with amazing people,” she says. “You are there for them at the most vulnerable time in their lives. I have laughed and cried with many patients as well as their families. I have been lucky to take care of so many wonderful patients who have touched my life in a positive way and who I think about often.”