Meet Our Employees



Director of Enterprise Applications
Information Technology Department

How has your career evolved at Inova?

My 18 years at Inova have been a remarkable journey. I’m in the IT Department, but my degree is in social work. Early on, I developed an interest and aptitude for the hospital’s software systems. And in my tenure, I’ve seen the growth from paper forms and one small DataCare system to a fully integrated healthcare delivery system.

What’s it like working with your team?

I always say the most important part of my job is my social work skills. We live in such a wired world, and we’re on 24/7. So a focus for me is working with my team to help them find work/life balance.

What’s it like to work in your department?

We have very little turnover, which makes for a great working environment. We’ve celebrated each other’s marriages, births and graduations over the years. It’s a very nurturing and caring workplace. We’re like a family.

How does Inova support career development?

Over the years, I’ve seen Inova itself grow. It’s a very progressive and community-focused organization. The leadership here looks at the needs of the community and develops programs for those needs. I’ve been able to ride that wave, which has led to a career’s worth of growth.

What would you say to someone considering a career at Inova?

If you’re in Northern Virginia, the choice is Inova. We’re a financially healthy organization with a strong community focus and a committed leadership team. Inova realizes that our success is based on our people, and we focus on the professional growth and development of employees.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

I love to cycle. I’ve biked in Italy, from Maine to Florida, and across Iowa twice. I spend a lot of time with family and friends, and I volunteer teaching ESL students how to read.