Meet Our Employees



Rehab Clinical Specialist
Inova Mount Vernon Hospital

What’s been your experience at Inova?

My entire career in speech pathology has been completely integrated with physical and occupational therapy, which is something unique to Inova. We function in a truly cross-disciplinary manner, and that has been extremely beneficial to my professional development.

What’s your day like at Inova?

The role of the Rehab Clinical Specialist is mentoring. My key responsibilities are helping younger staff develop and collaborating with senior staff. It’s a flexible position. I don’t carry a large caseload, so I’m available to assist with patients, review case files or meet to discuss career development.

What’s the culture like at your workplace?

The camaraderie between the disciplines is remarkable. There is always someone at your side ready to lend a hand. It’s supportive and fun, and we always try to carve out a little time for each other. These people aren’t just colleagues, they’re friends.

What has been your greatest success at Inova?

Through our fellowship program, we’ve been able to make significant contributions to the field. We are able to mentor graduate students, knowing that when they leave they are competent and will continue to develop. I’m very proud of that.

What would you tell someone considering Inova?

You would love working in this department. There isn’t a more supportive staff or a more challenging professional environment. We deliver excellent care to our patients, and every day you leave feeling like you made a difference in someone’s life.