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Patient Access Associate


A patient access representative is an administrative assistant who is responsible for helping patients gain access to medical treatment facilities. The job description for a patient access representative will include communicating well with members of the public and accurately recording data.

  • Able to work in fast paced environment
  • Able to think quick on your feet
  • Possess a sense of urgency
  • Work well in a team
  • Possess communication skills and a positive attitude,
  • Willing to work weekends, holidays, inclement weather, and be available if a disaster arises in area.

“You are the face of Inova – you make the first impression and create a lasting memory”


Patient Access team members should have strong customer service skills, and a strong sense of service. PATIENT EXPERIENCE is at the forefront of team member’s focus. In a medical setting, a patient access representative processes the information required for admittance, dismissal and insurance billing.

Power of Customer Service

  • To make patients feel confident and secure
  • To obtain patient/visitor cooperation and good will
  • To assist patients in their recovery and well being
  • To ensure patients, their friends and family choose Inova

“Your information in the electronic medical record system is used by every other person in Inova.”


We are able to offer flexible schedules and shifts!

24 hours a day •7 days a week 

  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Registering Patients
  • Admitting Patients
  • Surgical Admissions


“You touch every patient coming to Inova”


To ensure our PATIENT SAFETY, Patient Access Associates concentrate on DATA INTEGRITY to ensure correct medical, and billing information.  Billing Accuracy guarantees PATIENT SATISFACTION and continued REVENUE for Inova.

What You Need to Know About the “Did I Ask You?” Program

Always remember Inova’s two unique patient identifiers – NAME and DATE OF BIRTH. Both must be accurate on the Patient ID band. The only exception is the newborn, which uses Name and Medical Record Number.

Commitment to always ask for proper patient identification as our #1 safety check promotes patient confidence and trust for their safety when each team member follows the same routine to verify the patient’s identity.

We are “One Team” and promise that our patients are Safe@Inova.

As a Patient Access Representative you have two primary customers:

  • PATIENT: We are their reassurance that we have added or updated their accounts so that the stress that comes along with insurance claims is minimalized.
  • HOSPITAL: Patient Access has made a commitment to strive for 100% clean claims, which means that accounts are accurate, to the best of our ability, before they arrive at billing. Other customers include families, visitors, colleagues in other departments and physicians

“You build Inova’s financial foundation by creating billable patient accounts”


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