Student Programs


Urban Alliance Partnership 

Each year high school seniors from surrounding areas participate in a yearlong internship that provides them with work experience that builds their pathway to self-sufficiency.

To learn more about Urban Alliance click here.

To view media coverage on our partnership with Urban Alliance check out the links below:

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·       ABC7 Spotlight on Education

·       Alexandria Gazette


Capital CoLAB 

Each summer college students from Capital CoLab join Inova for a 10-week long internship program primality focused on IT.

To learn more about Capital CoLab click here.

Areas of focus:

·       Cybersecurity

·       Network Infrastructure

·       Clinical Applications

·       Health Informatics

·       Desktop Support

Our Intern Testimonials

Bryan Rivera

Inova Talent and Acquisition Intern

"My internship at Inova has been a wonderful learning opportunity on what I can expect from a kind, productive, and welcoming office. It's been an amazing overall experience in which I learned valuable lessons from every member of my department. As for my mentor, words cannot begin to describe how helpful she has been. From introducing me to every one of my coworkers, allowing my goofier side to shine through, and treating me as if I am a part of her team."


Bushra Bablu

Inova Patient Financial Services Intern

"I am so thankful for joining the Urban Alliance High School Program working as an Inova intern and preparing for my future. I work at the Inova Patient Finance Services Center. My experience working as an Inova PFS intern has equipped me with the abilities to succeed in the real world. Through my internship, I have improved in my productivity and work efficiency. I appreciate everything my mentor has done for me, along with other high school interns. By taking the time to help and communicate with us, you are changing many lives by guiding our path to a great future."



Alaa Al-Jariri-Inova

Diagnostic Imaging Intern

"I would describe my internship as interesting and engaging. The reason why is because I get to experience and witness many interesting situations that happen day to day at my job site. This has encouraged me to become more engaged and ask many questions to my co-workers and mentor. Through my Inova internship, I have learned that the health care field requires a lot of public speaking and working together as a team. This took me out of my comfort zone and has strengthened my speaking skills. My mentor and co-workers have been amazing, they are like a family, and have helped me throughout my internship from giving me advice to teaching me new things. I have learned so many things from my internship that will carry on throughout my life."



Hayat Abdelkadir

Alexandria Hospital Ambulatory Services Intern

"I would describe my internship working in a healthcare environment where patients are surrounded by assistance from registrars to satisfy their needs. Some of the things I’ve learned from my internship at Inova is the importance of teamwork and patience. As there could be daily challenges thrown at you, I’ve learned that your coworkers never let you down and they are always going to support you. Some of the skills this internship has encouraged me to improve is my organizational and technical skills. Whether it was sorting files or entering data, I’ve been able to further better myself. My mentor and especially my co-workers have been a big aspect as to how I’ve come along."


Edilawit Teklehaimanot

Alexandria Hospital HR Intern

"This internship is my first and best experience in my life! My internship is a place where I have learned a lot of things from the people who have more experience in the nursing field and in the office environment. Through my internship I have been able to grow in my Excel, Word, and professional writing. My mentor and co-workers are incredibly helpful. Whenever I need help, they are always happy to help. I would like to say thank you to my mentor and co-workers for giving me this opportunity and assisting me when I needed help."



Haimanot Tesfaye

Inova Simplicity Health Intern

"My internship at Inova helped me learn more about healthcare industry. I have learned about different jobs that are within the healthcare industry and the different opportunities. My coworkers have been the biggest support. They are amazing and nicest group of people I have met. This has really helped me because I would like to have a career in this industry one day. I have enjoyed my time at my internship. I love working at the clinic and enjoy my time there. I would tell my mentors that I appreciate all the support they gave me and what they do every day is a blessing for the patients they see every day. I do truly miss going to work and working with them."

To learn more about our Summer Internship Program, navigate to our InovaInterns Summer Program page here.