Where do I apply?

Apply online here. You can browse job openings and submit your resume directly. First-time users will be asked to create an account with a user name and password.

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Why do I need a password?

You will create an account to manage and submit your resume. A password enables secure access to the information within your account.

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Help! I’ve forgotten my username and password.

Click here, and then select the job search area that applies to you. On the right side of the Welcome page you'll see a link for "Forgot your password?" under the log-in form.

Your account will be locked after three failed log in attempts. If you are locked out, you must wait at least ten minutes before you log in again. 

After resetting your password, please wait ten minutes before attempting to log in. 

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What happens once I apply for a job?

Once you have set up an online profile and submitted your resume through your information may be reviewed by a recruiter. You may be contacted by telephone or email if there is a strong match between your qualifications and the requirements of the position.

If you are not selected for a telephone screen or an in-person interview, your resume will remain in our online database for future reference. You may update your profile in our application system at any time by logging into your online profile with your user name and password. If you need help with your password, there are prompts on the log-in page to guide you.

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How can I check my status?

You can check your status online by logging into your account and clicking Applications, then Submitted Applications. The status of each application will be visible.You may view additional details by clicking on the position title for each application. 

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I see a position that was posted a while ago. Is it still available?

All positions posted on the website are currently available.

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Why hasn't anyone called me after I’ve applied for an open position?

Due to the high volume of applications we receive, you will be contacted only if there is an interest in setting up an interview. You may check the status of your submitted application by following the instructions above.

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I'm having trouble applying online. Can I just fax my resume?

We are only able to accept applications online. If you need a computer to apply, there are computers available in local public libraries and at the Virginia Department of Employment and Training offices throughout the state.

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How do I upload a resume?

Log into your account and click Candidate Zone then Profile. Click My Files to view instructions on uploading new documents. 

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Have a question that hasn't been addressed?

Please send us a message directly through our contact form.