Nursing Support Careers

Careers available within Nursing Support at Inova Health System afford you the opportunity to work with and safely care for patients in their most vulnerable state, all while delivering clinical excellence. Whether you are new to healthcare or you are an experienced caregiver, choosing a career within nursing support will provide you with the opportunity to not only gain the knowledge and skills needed to successfully thrive, but will allow you to take advantage of the endless resources, robust trainings and mentorship as well as place you in a league amongst the elite, all while keeping the welfare of our patients and their families at the center of everything you do.

Who wouldn’t want to join a team where residents of Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC and the entire mid-Atlantic region depend on our nursing support clinical care team for top-notch care?

Our 5 hospitals (each of which hold 5 stars from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) consistently deliver and exceed with expectations for patient care, protecting patients from harm, and providing safer healthcare because our nursing support clinical team members are dedicated to excellence. Their passion for achievement and unique individual contributions define our reputation as a world class healthcare organization.

If you are looking to join the best in class in providing world-class healthcare – every time, every touch – to each person in every community we have the privilege to serve, look no further!

Choosing a career in Nursing Support allows for a journey that offers lifelong rewarding career opportunities in an unlimited fashion. Below are just a few of your nursing support career options.

Tasha Owens, Lead Surgical Technologist (Inova Alexandria)

“While I do appreciate all the company "perks", it's Inova’s culture of care and commitment to its employees and patients that top my list. The Inova Health System culture reinforced from the top down starts with the Senior Leadership  team; a group of people who are refreshingly down to earth, approachable and caring. Our patients often tell me that Inova employees are such happy people - evidence that Inova is a special place to work. It's inspiring to work for a company that honestly wants to do right by their employees and patients. We have an effective leadership team, our leaders allow for growth of the organization, but at a very responsible and reasonable rate. I can honestly say, Inova Health System is the best employer in our area!!! I’m proud to be a part of this exceptional organization.”

Brittany Harris, Medical Assistant (Telestar)

“I love the comradery of my department (cardiovascular). We always work as a team and keep each other uplifted. Working with INOVA has helped me understand that the ability to give quality patient care coincides with the ability to function as one unit. We support our nurses and doctors and they support US! Coming to work feels like coming home to family.”

Umme Rubab, Medical Assistant (Schar Cancer Center)

“What I like most about working at Inova cardiology is how kind and helpful the staff has been. With everything going on, everyday has been challenging but together we have been able to cross any obstacles.” 

Latoya Nedab, Certified Nursing Assistant 2 (Loudoun Nursing and Rehab)

"Definitely made the right choice! When I first started I never thought I would gain an  extended family! The ladies and gentlemen at LNRC are truly amazing and now that we're 1-South we've become closer and the teamwork is like no other! This has truly been the right choice!"