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New Graduate Nursing at Inova

nurse residency program in a collaborative learning environment


is a fellowship for me?

You should apply to a fellowship if your are a nursing student nearing graduation or if you have recently graduated and have under six months of acute care RN experience.

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When should I apply?

We recommend that you start applying at the beginning of your final term in nursing school. If you have already graduated, you may apply at any time.


what should i apply for?

You may apply to any RN Grad Fellow positions listed on our website that align with your clinical interests. You are able apply to multiple positions.

For more information and to be considered for current openings, apply to our online application!

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We are focused on enabling the next generation of nurses to flourish.

Each Inova Nursing Fellowship is overseen by a Clinical Mentor, a nursing professional dedicated to the success of the RN Grad Fellows within their specialty. Throughout your program you will undergo a customized Nursing Orientation, train on our state of the art equipment, and work alongside our experienced nursing staff.

A career in nursing at Inova is like no other. Because of the size and reputation of our network, the variety of environments our facilities offer, the broad range of opportunities and the mobility we provide, we meet our nurses’ professional and personal needs at every stage of their careers.

At the conclusion of your fellowship you will be ready to transition into a Registered Nurse role within Inova.

Clinical Excellence
Continuous Learning
Professional Development

enjoy your life

With Arlington recently named the #1 City in the US for Millennials and Alexandria ranked #4, there's a lot to love about Northern Virginia. From kickball leagues to concert venues to amazing restaurants - you'll have plenty to enjoy outside of work.


make an impact

Inova offers care, information and resources to our communities, schools and other organizations. We often work in partnership with others to spearhead valuable and much-needed community health improvement projects.


excel in your field

Inova Nurses are dedicated to excellence. Not only will we help you design a road map to your professional goals, we will help you reach them. The training you will receive and the technology you will work with will prepare you to be the best nurse you can be.

Are you an experienced nurse interested in switching specialties? Join Inova as a RN Fellow. Fellowships are available to experienced Registered Nurses interested in switching specialties. Throughout your program you will undergo a customized Nursing Orientation to prepare you for your new clinical specialty. View our current RN Fellow positions here.