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Nursing And Nursing Support Careers

At Inova, we’ve made our vision a reality: to create a world-class nursing environment of global distinction where service, community, compassion and innovation foster excellence in nursing practice, education and research.

A career in nursing at Inova is like no other. Because of the size and reputation of our network, the variety of environments our hospitals offer, the broad range of opportunities and the mobility we provide, we meet our nurses’ professional and personal needs at every stage of their careers. And we do it all while keeping the welfare of our patients and their families at the center of everything we do. Each of our hospitals has a distinct personality. With such a wide variety of work environments, including home health nursing opportunities, there’s sure to be a career that’s perfect for you.

Our hospitals in Fairfax, Loudoun and Fair Oaks have all earned Magnet status because our nurses deliver excellent patient care and enjoy a high level of job satisfaction. Our nurses thrive on the open communication we foster among all members of the healthcare team, making the Inova nursing experience a truly empowering one.


RN 1, Inova Fairfax Hospital


What made you decide to come to Inova?

I was drawn to the field of behavioral health, and I liked seeing what Inova Fairfax Hospital was doing with the Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Services (CATS) program. From the moment I stepped onto the floor, I knew that the goal of all the teamwork was to provide excellent patient care.

What’s your average day at Inova like?

I spend my day interacting with patients and working with them on their treatment. We discuss what they want to do when they leave our unit and work with their family members. It’s very comprehensive. Inova thinks about the patient and the big picture, which is realizing that outside influences can affect the patient’s care and recovery.

What is your greatest reward so far working at Inova?

I had a patient one night who was really nervous about all the medications he was on, and his family members were nervous, too. So I sat with them, probably for about an hour, going over the medications and schedule. After I was done, they very sincerely said "Thank you." I left there that night feeling like I gave excellent nursing care.

How would you describe your workplace?

Pleasant. I arrive smiling, and I leave smiling. It’s great to work somewhere knowing that you are going to enjoy your day, you are going to do good work, you have support of the management and you are going to be able to help your patients.

What advice would you give someone considering an opportunity at Inova?

If you have the opportunity to be a part of the Inova system, grab it, go with it and enjoy it. Get everything you can out of it because it is a great opportunity to learn every single day.

At Inova, our Clinical Technicians perform a wide-range of responsibilities in support of our nursing staff members. If you have a background as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Medical Assistant or Patient Care Technician, a Clinical Technician role might be a fit for you. Inova does consider individuals with limited work exposure in the medical field. Currently, Inova has five inpatient operating units and various outpatient centers that utilize Clinical Technicians. As an employee, you will have the opportunity to advance your career through regular evaluation-based promotions, educational assistance and the robust offerings of the Inova Learning Network. If you’re considering a career as a Clinical Technician, you’ll find the perfect fit for your skills and ambitions here. Our recruiters will work closely with you to ensure a unit placement tailored to your strengths and interests.

We’re focused on growth and advancement, and enabling the next generation of Inova nurses to flourish. When you join Inova, you’ll find a driven, challenged, broadly educated and multi-skilled nursing workforce that promotes excellence in clinical practice and a commitment to lifelong learning. We provide the very best resources for your continuing education. The Inova Learning Network, our in-house education department, will enable you to take courses to develop your expertise in almost any nursing specialty you choose.

Additional Training

Our nursing fellowship programs prepare both new graduates and experienced nurses with the basic foundation needed to practice in a specialty area. The programs blend online education modules, self study, classroom time and hands-on practice.

Available programs include:

  • Critical Care
  • Emergency
  • Medical-Surgical
  • Mother-Baby
  • Neuroscience
  • NICU
  • Oncology
  • Operating Room
  • Orthopedic Trauma
  • PICU
  • Pediatric and Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
  • Perinatal
  • Surgical

ADVANCE Clinical Ladder Program for Nurses

Inova’s ADVANCE Clinical Ladder recognizes and rewards excellent care at the bedside and helps our nurses advance in their careers. As expertise builds, nurses move up the ladder from RN Grad and RN to RN 3 and RN 4.

Every day, we experience new challenges at Inova Health System and no one is more at the forefront of our success than our nursing team. Here at Inova everyone has an integral role, and the dedication and teamwork that our nursing leadership exhibits speaks to our patients who experience the very best patient care. Nursing leadership covers a wide range with endless opportunities. Nursing leaders consist of Nurse Managers, Administrative Supervisors, Directors, Clinical Directors, Patient Care Directors, Senior Directors, AVP Associate CNO, and of course the Chief Nursing Officer.

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