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Allied Health Professionals

Inova’s world-class care would be incomplete without the contributions of its allied health professionals. Our employees in Pharmacy, Laboratory, Respiratory and Blood Donor Services, to name just a few, are indispensable to the excellent outcomes we provide our patients every day. Join Inova as an allied health professional and align yourself with a caring, innovative organization that takes pride in the positive impact we make every day. There’s no substitute for the rewards that come with joining a team with an unwavering commitment to quality care.


Supervisor of Respiratory Therapy, Inova Fair Oaks Hospital


What made you decide to come to Inova?

I started out in a contract position, and then the long-term care department recruited me for a full-time position. I always liked Inova’s philosophy. The facilities where I worked were always well equipped and well staffed, two very important things to a respiratory therapist. They always had what we needed.

What’s it like to work on your team?

In respiratory therapy, we need to have a team approach. The patient census fluctuates, and we have to adapt to meet those needs. Over the years, I’ve put together a strong, clinically competent team to manage the workload.

What’s the culture like in your department?

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital has a strong community and identity. We created a program called “Shared Beliefs,” which describes the hospital’s work ethic and our collective values. We give Shared Beliefs Awards and have more than 5,000 nominations every year. Each month, we hold two lunches to read and discuss the nominations.

Are there growth opportunities at Inova?

I’ve had many opportunities to move upward into administrative positions, but I stay in my position for personal fulfillment. Inova understands and respects that decision and continues to support me and my department.

What would you tell someone interested in working at Inova?

If you have an interview opportunity, follow up and pursue it. Inova is a leader in Northern Virginia, and has earned its reputation. You can feel good about joining a well-established organization committed to delivering and developing world-class healthcare.

Respiratory Care Internships and Fellowships

The 10-month internship is designed to provide the highly motivated graduate respiratory care practitioner (RCP) with clinical experiences that will considerably expand their knowledge and skills. Interns will complete comprehensive rotations through all critical care areas and have the opportunity to select additional rotations in specific areas of their choice.

The eight-month fellowship is designed for the practicing RCP who has more than one year of post-graduate work experience and is looking to gain additional insight, training and involvement in selected critical care areas. The fellowship tracks include either adult critical care or pediatric/neonatal care.

The critical care focus of the program incorporates clinical and classroom education. It is intended to serve as a springboard for professional development and leadership within Inova Health System and the respiratory professional community.

Professional opportunities available through our program:

  • Nine intensive care units, including level I trauma, cardiovascular, level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), and active Emergency Department
    • Patient-driven protocols and pathways
    • Lung protective ventilation strategies
    • State-of-the-art therapies
    • Computerized bedside charting
    • Bedside diagnostics
    • Ground and air transport
    • Clinical and classroom education
    • Research
    • Pulmonary rehabilitation
    • Pulmonary diagnostics laboratory

Pharmacy Internships and Clerkships

Inova provides experiential training, including internships and clerkship rotations, for pharmacy students enrolled in an accredited pharmacy program. Schools must have a current affiliation agreement on file with Inova prior to students participating in clerkship rotations.

Our primary affiliation is with Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Pharmacy, as evidenced by the establishment of the VCU School of Pharmacy Inova Campus on the grounds of Inova Fairfax Hospital.

Students assigned to the Inova Campus are given first priority, with additional students from VCU, Shenandoah and other pharmacy schools accepted as capacity allows.

Students participating in formal pharmacy experiential training programs must meet all compliance requirements of Inova Health System.

Laboratory Rotations

Inova provides clinical rotations for medical laboratory scientists (formally known as medical technologists or clinical laboratory scientists) for students enrolled in the Inova Fairfax Hospital School of Medical Technology, or an accredited program offered at an affiliated educational institution having a current agreement with Inova. Also, students enrolled in the Fairfax County Adult Education Phlebotomy program or Histology Assistant program have clinical rotations on-site at an Inova hospital.

Students participating in these programs must meet all compliance requirements of Inova Health System.

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